Founded by test pilots with roots in flight and autonomous test and evaluation, ORANGE solves the difficult problems faced by innovative vehicle companies.  ORANGE employs industry leading Subject Matter Experts with wide-ranging experience, from dynamic startups to defense operations.

Patrick Modlin

Patrick started Orange with a vision to turn innovative vehicle concepts into safe, tested reality.  He supports all four pillars of ORANGE services, and is dedicated to tailoring bespoke solutions to each client.   Patrick is an experienced Navy test pilot, with a specialization in unmanned vehicles (sea, air, land).

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Matt headshot.jpg
Matt Ansley

Matt's passion, aviation safety, has led him to design, plan, and implement safety strategies and procedures to ensure the success of some of Silicon Valley's most audacious ventures.  Matt is a private pilot and former Naval Aviator tester who has accumulated over 4,000 hours of flight time in manned and unmanned aircraft.  

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Miles Richert
Senior Operations Analyst

A natural leader, Miles is an aviation radar expert, developed through years of supporting test missions flying Navy P-3s.  Miles is a principal supporter of the NAWCWD Sea Test Range contract, providing a full suite of Mission Assurance Services, from off-nominal scenario training, to policy guidance, to operational improvement.

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Joe Turner    
Senior Consultant

Joe is a serial entrepreneur who loves leading teams in building tangible systems to solve big problems.  His latest venture involved the design, production and commercialization of long duration subsea autonomous vehicles.  Joe is a former Naval Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer who cut his managerial and leadership teeth on the extremes of the largest Navy ships (aircraft carrier USS CARL VINSON) to the smallest Navy boats (Riverines). 

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Alexander Allen, Jr.
Operations Analyst

Alex joins ORANGE providing insight from an air operations perspective to contribute to the safe execution of training missions for Point Mugu Sea Range operations.   Alex has 22 years of military experience as a Naval Air Traffic Controller, and received his Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health from National University. He has held leadership positions in areas of emergency management, industrial hygiene, environmental health and safety, and injury prevention.

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